Environmental Objectives

The generational goal

The generational goal – the overall goal of Swedish environmental policy – defines the direction of the changes in society that need to occur within one generation if the country’s environmental quality objectives are to be achieved. With that as a starting point, the generational goal is intended to guide environmental action at every level in society. A number of important points have been added to it. One is that efforts to solve Sweden’s environmental problems must not come at the price of environmental and health problems being exported to other countries.

Environmental quality objectives

Sixteen environmental quality objectives describe the state of the Swedish environment which environmental action is to result in. These objectives are to be met within one generation, i.e. by 2020 (2050 in the case of the climate objective). Read more about each environmental quality objective in the menu to the right.

Milestone targets

Over the years, the Government has decided on a number of milestone targets, which define steps on the way to achieving the environmental quality objectives and the generational goal.

Tracking progress

The idea of the environmental quality objectives is that they should be followed up on a regular basis, with annual reports to the Government and an in-depth evaluation once every parliamentary term. A number of government agencies are responsible for following up and evaluating specific environmental quality objectives. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, working with all the agencies with responsibilities within the environmental objectives system, prepares an overall report to the Government. The results of this follow-up are presented here on the Environmental Objectives Portal.