Central government agencies

Eight national agencies have been assigned one or more of the environmental quality objectives, which it is their job to follow up and evaluate. Other agencies work within their respective sectors to promote progress towards the objectives.

Agencies responsible for follow-up and evaluation

Eight central government agencies have a responsibility for specific environmental quality objectives, as stated in their instructions from the Government. This involves following up and evaluating the objectives concerned.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has been entrusted with seven of the objectives, The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management is responsible for three of the objectives, while the Geological Survey of Sweden, the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the Swedish Chemicals Agency, the Swedish Forest Agency and the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority are responsible for one objective each.

These eight agencies work with organisations and companies operating in different sectors of society (such as transport, agriculture or industry) to develop suitable indicators to follow up environmental action. They also collect data, report on progress towards the objectives, propose additional measures, and take other steps to achieve the environmental quality objectives.

Agencies with responsibilities within the environmental objectives system

In addition, a range of other government agencies are to promote progress towards the environmental quality objectives in their particular sectors. They are referred to as ‘agencies with responsibilities within the environmental objectives system’. They assist the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency by providing basic data for follow-up and evaluation of environmental efforts.