We try to make sure that the contents of our website are accessible and useful to as many people as possible.

The website provides accessibility in the following ways

  • You can navigate on the website without a mouse using only the tab key on your keyboard.
  • All images conveying content have descriptive alternative texts. Decorative images have empty alternative texts (alt=””).  
  • When necessary, links have descriptive link title texts. 
  • Tables are accessible.
  • Legibility and clear contrasts are the prime requirements for design, colours and fonts. 
  • The website supports new technologies. The latest program versions are required to enable the full benefit of the design and functions. 
  • Blinking images or figures are not used in the website.

Changing the look of the website

If you think the text on our pages is too small, you can easily enlarge it using the built-in functions of your web browser. You will find options for changing text size in the menus of your browser.

  • Firefox
    Go to the View menu and select Text Size.
    You can also use Ctrl key and +.
  • Internet Explorer
    Go to the View menu and select Text Size. There are 5 options: Largest, Larger, Medium, Smaller, and Smallest (Medium is the default setting).
  • Netscape Navigator
    Go to the View menu and select Increase Font. 
  • Opera
    Go to the View menu and select Zoom.
    You can also use the keys + and  -.
  • Safari
    Go to the View menu and select Make Text Bigger.