County administrative boards and Swedish Forest Agency

In their capacity as regional environmental agencies, the county administrative boards (CABs) play an overarching, coordinating part in work to achieve the environmental objectives. They cooperate with other regional agencies and bodies, and engage in dialogues with municipalities, businesses, voluntary organisations and other stakeholders to ensure that the environmental quality objectives and the interim targets have an impact throughout their respective counties.

It is the task of every CAB, in consultation with the Environmental Objectives Council, to adapt, define in detail and translate into practical targets 15 of the 16 environmental quality objectives with reference to conditions in its own county. The 16th, Sustainable Forests, is the responsibility of the Swedish Forest Agency in cooperation with the CABs, which are also obliged to provide documentation for the municipalities and assist them in formulating local aims and action programmes.

Matters concerning regional development and infrastructure are closely connected with environmental and planning issues. The CABs are, in their cooperation with the municipalities and regional associations, responsible for coordinating spatial planning with regional and environmental policy.

The CABs’ responsibilities also include coordination of work to follow up the environmental objectives in their own regions. They report on this assignment to the Government annually, and also collaborate in their work on the indicators.