Who does what?

To achieve the environmental quality objectives, we must all — government agencies, non-governmental and other organisations, companies, county administrative boards, municipalities, individuals, the Government and the Riksdag — get involved and assume our share of responsibility.

    • Riksdag

      Sweden’s Parliament (the Riksdag), the supreme political decision-making body in the country, has adopted environmental quality objectives and interim targets for sustainable development.

    • Government

      The Swedish Government bears overall responsibility for the environmental quality objectives.

    • The Environmental Objectives Council

      The Environmental Objectives Council is a platform for the heads of government agencies that are strategically important to achieving the environmental objectives.

    • Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

      The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Swedish EPA) coordinates follow-up, provision of information and the use of economic impact assessments within the environmental objectives system.

    • Central government agencies

      Eight national agencies have been assigned one or more of the environmental quality objectives, which it is their job to follow up and evaluate. Other agencies work within their respective sectors to promote progress towards the objectives.

    • Municipalities

      The Swedish municipalities play an essential role in the work of achieving the environmental objectives. By translating national and regional objectives into local aims and actions, they can make the objectives effective tools in local politics.

    • Business sector

      The business sector, in cooperation with other stakeholders, has a substantial role in achieving the environmental quality objectives. Today, many companies are engaged in structured environmental work that has a major bearing on the environment.

    • Environmental organisations

      The environmental organisations are continuously engaged in a range of issues that are directly linked to the various environmental objectives.